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Funny pet costumes for this Christmas!

The finest Christmas costumes for pets in Australia

Christmas isn't just for people. While the central religious celebration is intended for human beings with an immortal soul (peace on Earth and goodwill to all humanity), it is also true that all creatures, great and small, can enjoy the broader secular holiday of Christmas.

Here at Blossom Costumes, we mostly sell costumes and costume accessories for people, but we also sell many wonderful Christmas pet clothes and pet accessories!

Browse our full range of dog Christmas costumes, and our pet cat Christmas costumes as well.

Adorable dog Christmas outfits

They say that a dog is a 'man's best friend. You can’t very well let your best friend miss out on the Christmas costumes, can you? Not to worry, Blossom has a range of festive dog costumes for your furry friend.

What kind of dog Christmas outfit are you looking for? We’ve got the following:

Dog Santa outfits

Dog elf costumes

And that's just the beginning. Did somebody say 'little puppy reindeer costume'? 

Pet cat Christmas costumes

Not all cats can be made to wear a cute outfit for Christmas. Feral cats? Not a good idea. Wild jungle cats? Don't even think about it. But for your pet house cat, a Christmas costume might be just what the veterinarian ordered. We've got heaps of different pet cat Christmas costumes, and you're sure to find the purrrrrfect outfit.

A Blossom Christmas pet costume is:


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