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Who you gonna call for the best Ghostbuster costumes? Blossom Costumes!

If there’s a costume party in your neighbourhood, who ya gonna call? Blossom Costumes! If you’re seeing costumes running through your head, who ya gonna call? Blossom Costumes! The team at Blossom Costumes have Ghostbuster costumes you won’t be able to resist. We ain’t afraid of no ghost.

Ghostbusters has been a beloved pop culture icon since the first movie premiered in 1984. Since then (and a few more movies later), Ghostbusters is still a Halloween and costume party staple even after several decades. It's definitely a classic, and you'll be sure to impress at your next event with a Ghostbusters costume from Blossom.

Get the gang together

Get ready to bust some ghosts and bring the iconic Ghostbusters team to life with group costumes that will electrify any event. Coordinate with your friends to recreate the classic Ghostbusters look with jumpsuits, proton packs, and the signature Ghostbusting logo.

Whether heading to a Halloween party or a themed event, these group Ghostbusters costumes will turn heads and evoke a sense of nostalgic fun. Don't forget the accessories like the proton wands and goggles to make your ensemble even more authentic.

Inflatable ghostbuster costumes

Elevate your Ghostbusters cosplay to a whole new level with inflatable costumes that add a hilarious twist to the iconic characters. Stand out at any event by weaning an inflatable Slimer ghost costume or an inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man costume.

These eye-catching costumes capture the essence of the Ghostbusters universe and bring a lighthearted and comical element to your ensemble. The inflatable nature adds a dynamic and attention-grabbing dimension, making you the highlight of any Halloween party or themed event.

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