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Get on top of the world with these hilarious ride on costumes

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Get on top of the world with these hilarious ride on costumes

Take a load off and let someone else do the heavy lifting with carry me and ride on costumes from Blossom Costumes! Our extensive range of piggy back costumes will add a hilarious new dimension to your next party. Whether it's risque or random, you can rest assured that it won't be a chore to get people laughing as you stumble around the venue.

Carry me costumes have been a popular staple of house parties, buck's nights, hen's parties, school celebrations, and other fun events for years and years. They are easy to inflate, fun to wear, and are always eye-catching, whichever ride on outfit you choose.

Picking the right carry me costume is all about sticking with your personal preferences. What's more important is that you are comfortable and free to move around at all times. Products from Blossom Costumes not only look great — they are designed to allow you free movement whether you are walking, dancing, or relaxing on your own terms.

Ready to choose your new ride on costume? Here are some of our favourites:

There are plenty to choose from, each with their own hilarious take on standard costumes. However, carry me costumes aren't the end of the line. You can also accessorise to complete your outfit. If you're on horseback, charging into battle, consider wielding this Deluxe Sword. If you are riding around for Oktoberfest, treat yourself to this Oktoberfest Mug With Pretzel Hand.

Our carry on costumes are:

  • • Competitively priced, allowing anyone to be head and shoulders above the rest
  • • Available in many size, colours, and styles for all kinds of taste
  • • High quality, to ensure that you'll be entertaining all night long
  • • Shipped free and express when you spend over $69
  • • Guaranteed to satisfy your heightened sense of fun and hilarity

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