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Unleash your flower power with these 1960's men's and women's hippie costumes from Blossom!

1960s costumes that are groovy, baby!

What a crazy time the 1960s were; the baby boom generation was coming into their own, with sex and drugs and rock and roll. It was the decade of the Vietnam war, civil rights, JFK, MLK, the moon landing, the Beatles, and so much more.

There's a lot to look back and reflect on, but you know what they say: if you remember the 60s, then you weren't really there.

Of course, the hope and promise of the 1960s quickly disintegrated. The peaceful and 'groovy' age of Aquarius quickly gave way to the nasty, violent 1970s, the greedy 80s, the superficial, snide 90s. One thing that will never go away, however, is our commitment to beautiful, durable, and affordable 60s costumes and accessories.

1960s wigs

The 1960s were all about hair — it's no coincidence that the most emblematic musical of the age was called Hair! Let the sunshine in with an out there 1960s wig. Long, flowing 60s wigs are perfect for men and women; gender barriers are so 1950s, man!

60s costumes for women

Big, bright and bold patterns were all the rage in the 60s. Women's attire was anything goes, from the shortest of short skirts to big and billowy kaftans. As well as clothes, there was a revolution in footwear as well. Thigh high boots have never looked so good.

60s costumes for men

The 1960s liberated men's fashion. Grey suits were out, and were replaced by tight pants and tie dye. Have a look at our 60s costumes for men, and you'll see that the only limitations are how 'far out' you're willing to go.

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