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Get the squad together and dress at the South Park gang

Dive into the world of South Park, where humour knows no bounds, and every character brings a unique blend of laughter, chaos, and unforgettable moments. At Blossom Costumes, we’re thrilled to bring you an exclusive collection of South Park costumes, perfect for groups looking to capture the essence of this iconic show. Whether you’re planning a themed Halloween party or a convention or just want to pay homage to your favourite characters, we’ve got you covered.

The vibrant town of South Park has given us some of the most memorable characters in animated television history. Each gang member brings a unique flavour to the ensemble, from the irreverent and scheming Eric Cartman to the perpetually hooded Kenny McCormick. Dressing up as the South Park gang is not just about the costumes; it’s about embodying the show's spirit, with all its wild humour and sharp satire.

Eric Cartmen Costumes

Eric Theodore Cartman, with his unmistakable red jacket, yellow mittens, and blue hat, complete with a yellow puffball, is the most recognisable face of South Park. Known for his outrageous behaviour, schemes, and a not-so-secret love for Cheesy Poofs, Cartman is the perfect choice for those who love to be the centre of attention. Our Cartman costume captures all the details of his iconic look, ensuring you can perfectly channel the character's larger-than-life presence.

Kenny McCormick Costumes

The muffled voice behind the orange parka, Kenny McCormick, is known for his mysterious aura and, famously, his frequent deaths. Kenny’s costume offers the unique opportunity to play a character known for his resilience and ability to return no matter what. The hooded jacket and tightly drawn strings bring Kenny's character to life, offering a mix of mystery and humour that’s true to the show.

Kyle Broflovski Costumes

With his bright green ushanka hat and a bundle of fiery red hair, Kyle Broflovski stands out for his strong moral centre amidst the chaos of South Park. Kyle’s costume is perfect for those who appreciate the character's sense of justice, quick wit, and occasional frustration with his friend Cartman’s antics. Embrace Kyle’s look and stand up for what’s right—or at least, for a good laugh.

Stan Marsh Costumes

Stan Marsh, with his blue hat and red puffball, brown jacket, and blue jeans, offers a more everyman approach to the South Park gang. He’s often the voice of reason, trying to maintain a sense of normalcy in the whirlwind of South Park. Dressing in a South Park Stan costume is ideal for those who see themselves as the grounded, though often bewildered, voice among their friends. Capture Stan’s earnestness and occasional scepticism with our meticulously crafted costume.

Find more of your favourite characters at Blossom Costumes

But why stop at the main gang? South Park is a treasure trove of hilarious and bizarre characters, each with a distinct charm. At Blossom Costumes, we’ve got a wide array of South Park characters for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking to step into the shoes of Butters, Randy, or even Professor Chaos, we have the costume to bring your South Park vision to life.

Visit us at Blossom Costumes for the full range of South Park costumes and accessories. Whether you’re reenacting your favourite episodes or creating your own South Park stories, we’re here to ensure you look the part. Let the shenanigans begin!

  • • Our costumes are designed for comfort and durability, perfect for all your Cheesy Poof binges and Cartman schemes.
  • • Whether you're a pint-sized Kenny or a full-grown Mr. Garrison, our collection has South Park looks for fans of all ages and sizes.
  • • Fast-track to South Park shenanigans with our speedy shipping options at a price even Kenny can afford.
  • • Our online store is as secure as Cartman's secret snack stash, ensuring a safe and smooth online purchase.
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