Dress Like Cinderella in this Classic Costume

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Cinderella Costumes and Accessories

You’ll become the belle of the ball in our Cinderella costume

There’s a little bit of Cinderella in all of us. Stuck at home scrubbing floors, chatting to mice, and wishing we could escape to the ball (or mall, or pub, or anywhere). We’d all love a fairy godmother to come along, dress us up and help us find our Prince Charming. If only our slippers were as stunning and powerful as Cinderella slippers!

Before you go running off into the night and losing your glass slipper, check out the range of Cinderella costumes on offer at Blossom. From traditional and sensible to sexy and seductive, the choice is yours.

Young princesses will love getting dressed up in our gorgeous kid’s Cinderella costumes. Complete the outfit with our lovely Cinderella slippers, so cute you’d never want to leave one behind. And if you'd rather dress up like a different Disney princess, try our Frozen costumes or even Goldilocks costumes.

And of course, we’d never forget about the most famous, Prince Charming. He’s tall, dark and handsome and super suave.

Discover our full range of princess and prince costumes to transform into the belle or the handsome prince of the ball.

What makes Cinderella so popular?

Here at Blossom, we've sold countless Cinderella costumes for kids and adults. It's one of our most popular types of costume. So why do so many people seek out and purchase Cinderella costumes year after year? There are several theories: some people believe it is because the Disney Cinderella movie was of outstanding quality, and inspires generation after generation to invest in fabulous Cinderella outfits. Others believe it is because the Cinderella costume touches something deep within us, soothing class conflict and social anxiety with an uplifting story of hope and love. No matter the reason people keep wanting Cinderella costumes, it's a good thing we have enough supply to keep up with demand!

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