Novelty cushions for your sofa, chair, and derrière

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Spruce up your living room with a novelty cushion

Normal cushions are pretty dull. Sometimes they have the occasional tassel, or a pointless button, but otherwise they just sit there doing nothing and impressing nobody. Oh, to be sure, there's occasionally a fun pattern, and maybe they match with a feature wall or a picture frame and create a nice symbiotic colour scheme. But mostly, cushions are a waste of space. But not these plush cushions!

These novelty cushions are something else entirely. They'll captivate and comfort your guests, with crazy and hilarious designs. Don't believe that a cushion can be the best and most interesting thing about your living room? Have a look at our stock, and you'll see just how wrong you are.

Is anything funnier than whoopee cushions?

Most jokes go out of fashion quickly, and humour is profoundly subjective. Something that might have made our parents or grandparents laugh back in their day is probably considered painfully unfunny (or even horrifically offensive) in the present.

But in the world of humour, there is one constant: farts. Farts are funny — they always have been, and they always will be. That's why whoopee cushions never go out of style. When it comes to hilarious cushion designs, one promises to stand the test of time from today unto eternity. And we reckon that is cause to celebrate: whoopee for the whoopee cushion!

Emoji cushions to express yourself

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