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Don the costume of assassin turned hero Gamora

The Zehoberei assassin has a complicated history in the Guardians of the Galaxy universe. After Thanos killed half of her race of people, she became his adopted daughter. She starts out as a villain, but after many plot twists, she changed her ways. She's one of the deadliest women in the galaxy, and her costume reflects her true bad-ass fighting style.

If you're heading to a Marvel or superhero themed costume party, dressing up as the green Gamora will surely impress your friends. We can express deliver your Gamora costume, so you can try it on and experiment with green body paint and practice your fighting stance.

We have a range of Gamora womens and kids costumes and accessories. When you buy a full body Gamora costume, our Gamora wig will complete your look — your friends won't be able to tell the difference! And for kids attending themed parties, we have a Gamora kids costume similar to what the beautiful assassin wore in Endgame.

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