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Amazing Wolverine costumes (retractable adamantium claws sold separately)

Attention: these are costumes for the Wolverine character, not the Wolverine animal that is most commonly to be found in boreal forests and the tundra in the Northern Hemisphere.

All of the X-Men have incredible powers — from the laser-focused Cyclops to the telekinetic powers of Professor X — but perhaps none are as powerful or beloved as the cantankerous Canadian, Wolverine. This anti-hero has only become more well known over the last few decades, thanks to a series of successful films fronted by Australia`s very own Hugh Jackman.

Fancy the classic blue and yellow look? We`ve got heaps of options and sizes, from the Wolverine Deluxe Boys Child Costume (a specially targeted Wolverine costume for kids that comes with foam claws to ensure safety) to an extra-large Wolverine T-shirt and mask. For especially small children, we also have a Wolverine costume for babies and infants. He's the perfect addition to any superhero squad.

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