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You bar is bare without novelty barware

You should always drink responsibly, but that doesn't mean forgoing the fun of novelty barware. Here at Blossom Costumes, we stock a wide assortment of novelty barware supplies like drinking games, novelty beer glasses, hilarious bottle openers and bottle stoppers, and many other barware gifts.

The best known novelty drinking equipment is for beer, but that's hardly the only stock we sell. In addition to beer paraphernalia, we also stock novelty goods for drinks like:

  • White wine
  • Red wine
  • Rosé
  • Spirits

In fact, these quality pieces of novelty barware can even be used to enhance the pleasure of drinking non-alcoholic beverages.

Drink discretely with stealth flasks

You don't always need to let everybody know that you're drinking. That's where stealth flasks come in. These discrete novelty items will allow you to drink without incurring the attention and wrath of those around you. Just ensure that you drink responsibly while you're drinking secretly. For example, check out this mobile phone stealth flask. Nobody will suspect a thing, unless they're paying lots of attention and notice that you keep taking swigs out of a phone.

Drinking is delightful with these daring drinking games

Who doesn't love a good drinking game? At Blossom Costumes, we sell a vast assortment of different novelty drinking mechanisms. Put the 'social' in 'social drinker' with a jovial drinking activity set.

Bawdy bottle openers to really kick things off

Most of the ways that people open a bottle are painful or tedious. Using your teeth? That's a recipe for disaster. Using a cigarette lighter as a lever? That can really hurt your hands. Using a conventional bottle opener? Well that sounds pretty boring and unoriginal.

The right way to open a beer, to get the love and respect of everybody at the bar, is with a wacky bottle opener. At Blossom Costumes, we stock a range of novelty bottle openers, including:

  • Beer Bottle Opener Ring 2pc: This is a bottle opener that doubles as a fashionable ring. And speaking of doubles, you get two for the price of one! Could this be a hilarious and special replacement for your wedding rings?
  • Happy Man Bottle Opener: Phallus nicknacks aren't just good for a laugh. The phallus has a long and noble history throughout many of the world's cultures, from dense jungles in Africa to ancient Greece. So when you purchase a Happy Man Bottle Opener, you're not just getting a funny way to open a bottle with something that looks like a phallus; you're actually participating in high art.
  • Screw You Push Down Bottle Opener: Most bottle openers work by pulling up on the cap. By applying upward force, the cap lifts off the bottle and allows you to feast on the brew inside. This bottle opener, however, is rather different. Instead of upward pressure, you push down. Through an incredible feat of engineering, the result is that the bottle cap pops up and off. Impossible? Hardly, but tremendously impressive. And with Blossom Costumes, it can be yours for a low price.

Our novelty glassware and barware is:

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