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Walk like an Egyptian in our Egyptian costumes

The whole theme of Ancient Egypt is amazing – hieroglyphics, pyramids, amazing face masks, and some of the best goddess outfits and necklaces ever seen. So, when you’re invited to your next Egyptian-themed party, get ready to have some fun. At Blossom Costumes, we’ll help you rule the party with our range of Egyptian Queen and Pharaoh costumes.

Transform into an Ancient Egyptian Goddess

Our full range of ancient Egyptian goddess costumes will transport you to a time of mystique and allure, perfect for captivating the crowd at your next party. Whether you wish to channel Isis's regal beauty, Hathor's enchanting charm, or Bastet's divine aura, our collection has you covered.

Embrace the magic and mystery of the ancient Egyptian era with a goddess costume from Blossom Costumes, and prepare to shine as a symbol of timeless beauty and power at your next event.

Men’s Egyptian Pharaoh costumes are perfect for an Egyptian-themed party

We offer a remarkable selection of men's Pharaoh costumes that allow you to step into the world of the ancient Egyptians with regal flair. These costumes are inspired by the rich history of a civilisation that thrived along the banks of the River Nile.

With intricate detailing and authentic design elements like the iconic black stripes, these Pharaoh costumes exude the grandeur and authority of this bygone era. Whether you're aiming to embody the majesty of Tutankhamun or the legendary charisma of Ramses II, our collection provides a range of options to help you create an impressive look.

Finish your Egyptian costume with some accessories

Complete your Egyptian costume with the perfect accessories to truly transport yourself back to the time of the pharaohs. Adding a gold belt and gold armbands can accentuate your attire's regal aura, instantly drawing attention to your Egyptian-inspired look.

Don't forget the makeup, which can help you achieve the mesmerising allure of an Egyptian queen or deity with striking eye makeup and intricate designs. Finish off with ornate jewellery that adds a touch of opulence, from statement necklaces to elaborate earrings.

Our Ancient Egypt-inspired costumes are:

  • • Made of high-quality materials suitable for goddesses and Pharaohs.
  • • Costumes for the whole family at great prices you won’t have to trade your precious jewels.
  • • Shipped faster than the Pyramids were built.
  • • Available for safe and online purchase, the Egyptians know how to make a secure tomb.
  • • Easily exchanged if your costume isn’t quite right.

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