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Dive into whimsy with our playful Teletubby costumes

Get a hit of nostalgia with our Teletubby costumes, perfect for adults and little kits. Featuring their trademark shiny metallic insert panel (the telly in their tummy) and useful internal pouch, our costumes are great for parties, Halloween and school events.

Our costume store stocks a variety of Teletubby costumes, allowing you to transform into these iconic characters and spread joy at any event. Get ready to delight in the magical world of Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po with costumes that bring the 90s to life!

Dress as the purple Tinky Winky

Designed for fans, young and old, our Tinky Winky costumes capture every detail of the purple Teletubby's iconic look, ensuring an authentic transformation. Whether you're gearing up for a costume party, a playful event, or simply embracing the joy of dress-up, our Tinky Winky costumes promise a delightful and comfortable experience. With Blossom Costumes, you can embody the lovable character and spread Tinky Winky's playful magic wherever you go. Get ready to dance and giggle with the spirit of Tinky Winky guiding your every step!

Dress in an adorable Dipsy costume

Get ready to hop, skip, and twirl in our adorable Dipsy costume! Channel the playful spirit of the Teletubbies as you transform into the green mischief-maker. Complete with all the whimsical details, our Dipsy costume promises a charming and comfortable experience for fans of all ages. Embrace the magic of Dipsy with our adult costume and prepare to spread smiles and laughter wherever your Teletubby adventures take you!

Dive into Teletubby magic with our Laa Laa costumes

Our delightful Laa Laa costumes, featuring attached gloves and Laa-Laa's iconic curly antenna, are a must-have for those ready to create a sense of nostalgia at any party. Explore our site, where the spirit of the Teletubbies comes alive, and discover the joy of transforming into this lovable character.

We have circle-shaped antenna Po costumes

Get ready to bring the playful spirit of the Teletubbies to life with our Po costumes! Dive into the whimsy as you transform into the adorable red Teletubby, complete with all the signature details that make Po so lovable. Embrace the magic of Po, spread smiles, and get ready to dance your way into the hearts of everyone around you with this delightful Teletubby-inspired costume!

Find the perfect Teletubby costume at Blossom Costumes

  • • We stock many costumes full of Tellytubby joy made from top-notch materials.
  • • Available for fans of all ages, from little Tubby custard lovers to grown-up Tellytubby enthusiasts.
  • • Swift shipping at prices that won't send your budget into the Tubbytronic Superdome.
  • • Secure online purchasing—no Tubby Toast troubles here!
  • • Contact us for a Tellytubby-approved exchange within 60 days.

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