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Stress balls: chicken soup for the harried soul

Who doesn't love to squeeze a stress ball? Who among us has not obtained some relief from the nightmare of existence simply by crushing a squishy sphere in their fist? Stress balls are beautifully simple ways of managing pressure in a healthy way.

Whether you are a captain of industry, a concert pianist or a divorced postman, a stress ball can help you. It has never been more necessary to deal with stress. Amid a global pandemic, economic catastrophe, social upheaval and the march of technology, things are wild out there. Thankfully, Blossom Costumes has a treasure trove of stress balls perfect for helping you attain tranquillity.

We've got stress balls coming out the wazoo

Blossom Costumes sells an unusually large number of stress balls. That's because we believe in the power and grandeur of the stress ball. How many social problems might be corrected or eliminated were people to better manage their stress?

  • Relax by crushing Donald Trump
  • Calm down by annihilating a Smiley Face
  • Chill out by punishing a Smiling Poo
  • Cool down by decimating the Earth itself
  • Unwind by destroying a rainbow

Help a stresshead in your life

You'll find a wide array of stress balls at Blossom Costumes. With fast shipping from our Australian warehouse, you can have a stress ball in your hand and be relieved from stress within days. And remember: you don't have to buy one just for yourself. You can gift a stress ball to anybody in your life you think is on the brink.

When you purchase a stress ball from Blossom Costumes, you can be sure that it is:

  • Made to last because there's nothing more stressful than a stress ball that can't cop a flogging
  • Shipped and delivered promptly so you or a loved one doesn't go postal
  • Competitively priced because we're mad as hell about inflated pricing and we won't take it any more
  • Backed by our 30 day returns policy, not a scam policy like others

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