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    Deluxe Licensed Harry Potter Socks
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Novelty socks for all different senses of humour

A sense of humour is very personal and individual. For example, these Weed Feet Speak Socks might be right up your alley, or they might be profoundly offensive. These Pug Feet Speak Socks, on the other hand, could bring a smile to a dog lover — but they'd be dreadfully inappropriate for somebody who had a profound fear of dogs!

That's one of the reasons why we sell so many different novelty socks at Blossom Costumes. With an enormous range of styles to choose from, you're sure to find some sort of sock and comedy combination that tickles your funny bone.

Have a discrete laugh with these funny novelty socks

Most novelty clothing is pretty 'on the nose', and you'd be a brave soul to wear it to the office or in mixed company. If you wear a novelty T-shirt, everybody is going to see it — and the humour might not be appreciated by sour and dour employers!

Discretion is one of the joys of novelty fun socks; for most of the day they're hidden underneath your shoes and trousers, but when you want to share the humour with a like-minded friend, you can show them off and have a good chuckle. You'll get all the fun of self-expression, with none of the corporate blowback.

Check out these Smiling Poo SHIT HAPPENS Feet Speak Socks, for example. You wouldn't want the grumpy old boss seeing that sort of language on your workplace attire. But with novelty funny socks, you'll probably get away with it, and the HR department will be absolutely none the wiser.

Saucy socks for luxurious looks and intimate occasions

We don't just sell humorous socks at Blossom Costumes. We also sell socks that have been designed to elicit other bodily responses. For example, we sell Crocheted White Over The Knee Socks that are specifically designed to go with sexy costumes, like a French maid. On the other end of the chromatic spectrum, we sell Crocheted Black Over The Knee Socks which will make you look like a showgirl, a Goth, or a pin-up model.

Fun socks to go with costumes and other novel looks

As we have already outlined, many of the novelty socks that we have for sale are funny, and others are erotic. But in addition to those sorts of socks, we also sell socks that just look great, and which might pair perfectly with a costume. Check out these Clown Rainbow Spandex Thigh High Socks, for example. They've got an elastic top so they'll stay up, and are bright and colourful to really make your outfit stand out. Whether you're dressing up as a clown or just want people to mistakenly think your legs are made out of rainbows, these novelty socks will go down an absolute treat.

At Blossom Costumes, our novelty socks are

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