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Get your own super suit from our range of The Incredibles costumes

The Incredibles: The superhero family is ready to save the world.

It’s hard to believe the Disney Pixar classic The Incredibles was released all the way back in 2004. Thank goodness this city saving family made their return for The Incredibles 2 in 2018. Our range of The Incredibles costumes has the whole family covered. They're just some of the super squads we stock: we also have costumes for The Justice League,the X-Men, and even those international superstars The Avengers.

What's so incredible about the Incredibles?

Oh, golly, more like what's not incredible about them? The Incredibles have breathtaking powers and abilities, but maybe what's more important is their family spirit and ability to stick together. Yes indeed, the power of family unity is the greatest power of all. "Honey, where is my super suit!"

The other important lesson to draw out of The Incredibles films is the importance of knowing who you really are. Not everybody is meant to be a superhero, and pretending to be somebody you're not can land you in hot water. That was Syndrome's big problem: he rose above his station and tried to be something he wasn't. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't occasionally slip into a superhero costume and pretend for fun!

Here at Blossom Costumes we stock a huge range of Incredibles costumes, like Mr Incredible costumes, Mrs Incredible Costme, and the Incredibles Kids costumes in case you want to look like one of their children.

How can just one film series have so many incredible characters?

There’s a host of lovable characters but, of course, you will want to be one of The Incredibles team. Pair up as partnership powerhouse, Bob and Helen Parr. Mr Incredible combines his tremendous strength and durability with his wife Elastigirl, who can stretch and mould her body into unbelievable shapes and sizes. Get the children matching up, masked and ready for action in The Incredibles costumes as Violet, Dash, or baby Jack-Jack.

It’s easy to become this Disney Pixar family adventure team with our range of The Incredibles costumes. Get Dad into our Mr Incredible costume, and the kids are sorted in our unisex jumpsuit with logo and eye mask.

Are you ready to navigate ‘normal life’ all while saving the world?

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