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Thor-some Thor costumes

These costumes are a sight for Thor eyes

In both Norse mythology, and the Marvel cinematic universe, Thor is a powerful and fearsome warrior. He is the god of lightning, and armed with his mighty hammer he can best any foe in combat. He also has an iconic look. Is it any wonder that, after he starred as Thor in a series of major motion pictures, Chris Hemsworth was awarded the title of 'Sexiest Man Alive'?

With our Thor costumes, you can look just as impressive. Thor has rocked many different looks over the last decade — from the opulently attired Thor with flowing locks in the first movie, to the harsh-looking short haired Thor we've come to know in more recent depictions.

Thor costumes that everybody can enjoy

There are many different Thor costumes on offer, from Thor costumes for kids to Thor costumes for adults. Many are available with or without capes and have the option of long-haired wigs, so you can customize your look. There's even a Thor costume specially made for women. And what Thor costume is complete without a hammer?

(Sure, the correct answer is "a costume where you're dressed as Thor from Infinity War", but it was meant to be a rhetorical question.)

We sell heaps of different Thor hammers, from big ones that can be used by adults, to little ones for kids.

Thor accessories to take your outfit to another level

At Blossom Costumes, we also stock some impressive Thor-themed accessories. For example, there's the Thor Candy Bowl Holder. Luckily, it's the young and muscular Thor holding the bowl; if it was late-career Thor, he might eat all the candy for himself.

Costumes that are impossible to ig-Thor

We stock costumes for Thor and all of his friends, like Captain America and Iron Man, and the rest of the Avengers.

Our Thor costumes are:

  • • Tough, just like the Norse god who inspired them
  • • Able to be sent anywhere in Australia, like Thor's hammer flying straight to him
  • • Surprisingly affordable

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