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Have a super time at your next fancy dress festivity with our Mario costumes

Make your way through Mushroom Kingdom in one of our fun Super Mario costumes

Who doesn't love the Super Mario Brothers? These profoundly exaggerated Italian stereotypes have won the hearts of generations of gamers, with a slew of fantastic titles, and even a live action movie (that wasn't as bad as many people remember).

At Blossom Costumes, we've assembled a collection of excellent Super Mario costumes, including classic Mario and Luigi costumes, plus a number of different characters from the extended Mario universe. Whether you're heading out for Halloween, going go-karting, getting ready to fix some leaky pipes, there are the costumes for you.

Mario and Luigi costumes that are out of this Super Mario world!

Mario and Luigi costumes are similar, but slightly different. The main difference you'll notice is the colour; Mario's shirt is typically red, and Luigi is attired in a verdant green. Additionally, Luigi is usually depicted as being lithe, tall and sinewy, compared to his comparatively short and squat sibling. Both brothers wear blue overalls, with big hats, and bushy mustaches.

Super Mario costumes for women

There are a number of prominent ladies in the Super Mario universe, that perfectly lend their images to costumes. The best known is Princess Peach who — despite her name — actually dresses in bright pink colours. We have many different Princess Peach costumes, for adults and children alike.

Additionally, there are many Mario-themed costumes that are cut to flatter a woman's figure. For example, we stock variants on the original Mario and Luigi outfits, with cute skirts instead of hardy overalls. The choice is yours!

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