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What's the deal with The Flash?

Formerly a forensic scientist, Barry Allen's life was transformed in a heartbeat when he was struck by a freak lightning bolt. After recovering from the accident, Barry soon learned he had the ability to move at super speeds.

With his newfound ability, Barry became The Flash. And with guidance from the talented scientists of S.T.A.R. Labs, he performs miraculous feats like running across oceans and up the side of buildings to take out bad guys.

Barry has worn several versions of The Flash costumes, which Cisco Ramon from S.T.A.R Labs constructed for him. The Flash costumes are designed to withstand extreme levels of friction, and he can whip them out in a heartbeat by simply pressing a button on his flash ring.

Why do people love The Flash?

For many people, the word 'Flash' fills them with dread. It makes them think of a paparazzo chasing them down the street with flashing cameras, or of an awful man showcasing his unwanted body in the park. But when people talk about The Flash, as in, the superhero called 'The Flash', they are filled with joy and awe. And why do people love The Flash? Maybe it's because of his awesome television series, or his incredible look. However, it might just be because people like things that can go really really fast: things like fast cars, fast planes, and a fast superhero called The Flash. We have accounted for that affection by stocking many different kid flash costumes, and also adult flash costumes. Everybody is covered.

You don't have to be the fastest man alive to get your own version of The Flash costume

Thinking about assembling your own version of the Justice League with your friends? Find the perfect getup from our super-powered collection of The Flash costumes for adults to save the day at your next costume party. Plus, we also have versions of the Flash costume for kids. And don't forget the rest of the Justice League crew! We have costumes for Batman , Wonder Woman , and many other terrific DC heroes.

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