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Riddling Riddler costumes to dazzle and mystify your friends

Where the Joker creates mayhem in a chaotic and disorderly way, the Riddler prefers elegant crimes and puzzling plots. He loves constructing clever crime scenes and leaving clues for Batman to piece together, to ultimately show off his intellect. He's not as evil as, let's say, psychologically compulsive. He often ends up in Arkham Asylum when Batman inevitably catches him in a failed puzzling crime that, well, ends up being not-so-puzzling.

At Blossom Costumes, you can order your Riddler costume or Riddler costume accessories, and get them delivered the very next day. That's right, you can be posing mysterious riddles and logic problems to your friends in no time! Our range of costumes are also easy to return, should you decide you want to go as the darker, more sinister, Joker.

Though all DC superheroes and villains have gone through changes since they were first introduced, you can't go past the original Riddler costume with a statement question mark on the chest. Or opt for the classic DC Riddler costume covered with question marks. Either way, there'll be no mistake who you're dressed as. And, don't worry, women can dress up too! We have a glam Riddler female costumes and accessories.

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