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Board the Enterprise in style with a Star Trek costume from Blossom

When you hear the words, ‘Live long and prosper’, if your hand instantly shoots up with Spock’s gesture, you’re a true Trekkie. Over the years, Star Trek has become a cultural icon and is the most influential sci-fi series ever created. They always showed us that no matter how crazy situations may be, it will get better. And it taught us that it’s cool to be smart!

The team at Blossom Costumes have been givin’ her all she’s got, Captain, to create a super-cool range of Star Trek costumes for Trekkies across Australia. Resistance is futile.

Glam up the Enterprise with a Star Trek costume

Star Trek movie fans love our blue Officer Spock costume, complete with Spock wig and Spock ears. We also stock the gold Captain James Kirk costumes and the iconic red Officer Scotty uniform.

If you’re really impressive and can speak Klingon, you have to wear our Star Trek Next Generation Klingon costume. Make sure you also check out our Star Trek The Next Generation Operations Uniform. We have everything you need for Halloween or your next costume party or fancy dress event.

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