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Funny toilet paper is just the beginning when it comes to hilarious bathroom accessories

The bathroom isn’t usually a fun place to be. At best, when taking a bath or a nice hot shower, it can be soothing. At worst, when you’re flossing those sensitive gums or having an especially bad time on the lavatory, it can be a very uncomfortable room indeed!

There is a better way: brighten up your loo and bathroom with some cheerful and humorous novelty bathroom accessories and gadgets.

Funny toilet paper that will keep you laughing on the loo

Many people find reading the newspaper in the morning pretty relaxing. Part of that are the morning comics, and the daily crossword. Why not have that same entertaining experience with your toilet paper?

By choosing some funny toilet paper you can make your whole morning ritual that much easier to handle, and also ensure that your bathroom is a feature destination for friends and family who come to visit.

We have bathroom accessories coming out the wazoo

There’s any number of things you could do to make your bathroom experience a little lighter (and we’re not just talking about brighter bulbs in the light socket):

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