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Dress up as the Captain himself

Be Marvel’s all-time favourite hero in our Captain America costume

Captain America is the quintessential hero. He’s not motivated by guilt, revenge, or glory like other superheroes, but does it because it’s the right thing to do. He’s everything young men should aspire to be, inspires others and makes all the hard decisions. It’s no wonder that our Captain America costumes are best-sellers.

And perhaps it’s because Captain America is simply a man with a shield, and not super powers, that makes him so popular. He rises above every challenge and lives by the rule, ‘Never give up’. Now that’s a real human to relate to.

Captain America costumes that everybody can enjoy

If you want to be Marvel’s all-time hero, we have Captain America costumes to suit everyone. We also stock a range of Captain America girl costumes, too. And for adult females? We've got you covered too, literally, with Captain America woman costumes. Make it a Marvel family adventure by picking up kids Captain America costumes. We also stock a range of Captian America accessories: his shield, full face mask, and his gloves.

Dress up like Captain America and all of his friends

Captain America is a proud member of the Avengers, a ragtag group of superheroes who have taken the world by storm. If you want to complete the look for your crew, pick up an Iron Man costumeand a Thor costume for your chums to go with your glorious new Captain America outfit. Just make sure that Iron Man and Captain America don't get into a massive disagreement that ends in a civil war!

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