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Celebrate the true spirit of Christmas with nativity costumes

O little town of Bethlehem, and O enormous range of nativity costumes

What's Christmas all about? Santa costumes? Guess again. The real message of Christmas is the nativity.

The nativity tells the story of the wise men following a bright star in the night sky to the town of Bethlehem. There, they find the baby Jesus, whom angels proclaim to be Christ the Lord.

But to get great nativity costumes, you don't need to find a bright star in the sky. Indeed, you're already in the right place! Here at Blossom Costumes, we have everything you need in nativity dress ups, like Mary and Joseph nativity costumes, angel nativity costumes, and costumes for the 3 wise men.

Nativity scene costumes for kids

Few performances are as popular as nativity plays. Hamlet? Sure, that gets performed some years by some Shakespearian troupes — but nativity plays are performed every single year by schools and church youth groups all across the world. Nativity plays are even more special when performed by children.

Play the part in style with a Joseph costume for a nativity play. And, of course, there's no going past a children's Mary nativity costume. These are just some of the great kids Christmas costumes we have in stock.

From 3 wise men costumes to Mary costumes and beyond

Here at Blossom Costumes, we stock everything you need in nativity dress ups. Remember, it wasn't just Mary and Joseph at the manger. There were angels, animals, wise men, and who could forget, the shepherds!

No nativity scene is complete without somebody attired in a Christmas nativity men's shepherd costume. Dressed up like a shepherd, you'll look the part to count sheep. Just don't fall asleep and miss all the action!

Be wise, man, and get great Blossom Costumes that are:

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