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Save the city in style with our heroic range of Spiderman costumes

Swing between buildings in style in our Spider-Man costumes

Marvel’s most popular character, Spider-Man, is a character loved by people of all ages. As nerdy teenager Peter Parker by day, he’s raised by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben after being left an orphan. His struggle with teenage years has made him a popular character with fans throughout the ages. Now, you can look just like him, with the best Spider-Man costumes in Australia.

What's so special about the Spider-Man suit?

When Peter becomes puts on his Spider-Man costume, he has super strength and agility, with the ability to cling to surfaces by shooting webs from his wrist devices. His tingly spider senses help him react to danger quickly, with his spider-sense enabling him to combat his foes. It's a pretty incredible super-suit, and we'd know: we stock superhero outfits for countless superheroes including Batman.

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