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Step back into the 20s in style

1920s costumes that look great no matter what year it is

The Roaring 20s — what a time! Many people spent the 1920s in heady celebration; The Great War was over, and they didn't see The Great Depression coming. Enormous changes had transformed society, and everything from fashion and art to manners and governmental policies were shifting at a mind-boggling rate.

For some, the 1920s was an anti-aesthetic era. Artistic movements, like Dadism and the atonalists, declared that all sense had gone out of the world — and with it all beauty. Elsewhere, the ritzy jazz age was in full swing; life was full of glitz and glamour, with movie stars, flappers, Art Deco, and cabaret. With such a strong aesthetic, it is no wonder that so many people want to put on 1920s costumes and recreate the era.

It's one hundred years later, and 1920s parties are still all the rage. The changing times and glamour of the era give modern party-goers plenty of options to choose from. From goons like Al Capone and Baby Faced Nelson, to star-crossed lovers Bonnie and Clyde, a 1920s gangster-themed party will have everyone jostling for the top spot of public enemy number one.

For a more refined evening, take some inspiration from our glamorous Great Gatsby costumes. Straight from the shores of Gatsby's West Egg home, our stunning flapper dresses are at the height of fancy dress hedonism. And no Gatsby-themed party would be complete without a fancy cigarette holder.

What makes 1920s dresses unique?

It is unclear where the term 'flapper' actually originated. Some people speculate it comes from the flapper dresses that were loose and 'flappy', unlike the buttoned down and structured garments of the Victorian era.

There are certain elements that are unique and unmistakably present in a classic flapper dress (which many people nowadays think of as a Gatsby dress, from the popular film version of the 20s classic The Great Gatsby). The silhouettes of these garments are far from form fitting, and are cut to scandalous lengths — gasp! You can even see the ankles!

1920s flapper accessories

Finish off your outfit with a range of accessories like long bead necklaces, and fur shawls (most often faux fur shawls nowadays). Complete your 1920s costume with our range of wigs, accessories, and you can’t forget the must-have feather boa for your sassy look.

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