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Oktoberfest is the largest folk festival in the world. For 16 days, people across the globe are possessed by the raucous Oktoberfest spirit, wrap themselves in authentic lederhosen, and grab their largest beer steins to sing and dance with family, friends and strangers alike.

Essentially, Oktoberfest is a traditional Australian beer-drinking festival accidentally invented in Bavaria. As a true blue Aussie, it’s your patriotic duty to get your Oktoberfest costumes and beer sorted so we can show those sauerkrauts how it’s done.

Our Best-Selling Oktoberfest Costumes

At last year’s Oktoberfest celebrations, these traditional yet sexy Oktoberfest costumes guaranteed their owners never had to buy their own drinks. Is that true? Well, nobody who was there was sober enough to remember. Which is kind of the point.


Oktoberfest isn’t just an excuse to get loose. Like all folk festivals, it’s a celebration of culture and community, and all the food, drink, singing and dancing that happens to entail. If you want to enjoy the festival properly, you’ve got to jump into it head first! That’s why Blossom Costumes is dedicated to sourcing the beautifully designed, high-quality Oktoberfest costumes Australia deserves.

  • Huge selection of Oktoberfest costumes for beer wenches and knee-slappers alike!
  • Awesome Oktoberfest accessories, including German wigs and hats
  • Breezy, colourful and comfortable designs, perfect for a long night of partying
  • Friendly staff, ready to help you find exactly what you’re after

Best of all, we offer express shipping for free to anywhere in Australia, plus a generous 60-day returns policy — that’s plenty of time to enjoy the full two weeks of your local Oktoberfest event!

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