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Dress like the infamous squad from DC Comics

Step into the anti-hero and super-villains world with our Suicide Squad costumes inspired by the infamous squad from DC Comics. Embrace the dark side as you transform into iconic characters with our costumes suitable for most adults and kids. From the menacing presence of Killer Croc to the rebellious spirit of the Joker, our collection offers an immersive experience that lets you embody the essence of these captivating characters.

Find Daddy’s lil monster Harley Quinn costumes

Discover the allure of Daddy's Lil Monster with a Harley Quinn costume. Dive into the mischief as you embody the infamous Suicide Squad Harley Quinn, complete with the iconic HQ symbol and all the rebellious flair. Our collection features the authentic details that make the character unforgettable, from the red and blue colour scheme to black fishnet tights. Step into the shoes of this beloved anti-heroine and unleash your wild side.

Explore our devious Joker costumes

Indulge your sinister side with our devious Joker costumes. Explore the madness with attention-grabbing details, including a Joker wig that perfectly captures the villain's chaotic style. Our costumes even feature an attached shirt for an effortless and complete look. Whether you're a fan of the classic comic book portrayal or the edgy Suicide Squad version, our Joker costumes promise to bring the right dose of malevolence to your ensemble.

Embrace the dark magic with Enchantress costumes

Dive into the realm of dark magic and mystique with our Enchantress costumes. Designed to capture the essence of the captivating character, our costumes allow you to embrace the enchanting allure of the mystical. From the intricate detailing to the flowing silhouettes, our Enchantress costumes are a mesmerising choice for those looking to channel the dark magic of this DC Comics character.

Find costumes for your squad at Blossom Costumes

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