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Storybook, Fairytale and Disney costumes are fun for all

Once upon a time, you were invited to a dress up party. You wanted to look like the fairest in the land or be the prince who always gets the girl, so knew you had to find the perfect outfit. You started searching, trying to find the storybook costume that was beyond your wildest dreams. Your search stopped when you found Blossom Costumes, making the best storybook, fairytale and Disney costumes in the land.

Our range is huge!

Women can choose from the sexy to more traditional versions of many much-loved characters such as Alice in Wonderland, Belle, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Minnie Mouse, Snow White and Tinkerbell.

There’s plenty of choices for our Prince Charmings too, with men’s costumes such as the Beast, Captain Hook, The Mad Hatter, Goofy, Mickey Mouse, Robin Hood, Woody, and of course, Prince Charming.

And you’ll never be stuck for ideas during Book Week with our range of Disney and storybook kid’s costumes.

We also stock wigs and makeup, masks and accessories to give your fairytale a happy ending.

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