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Get prehistoric party ready with our Jurassic Park costumes

Embark on a journey through time with our Jurassic Park costumes, where prehistoric party perfection awaits! Inspired by the iconic characters from the Jurassic World movies, our costumes bring the legendary world of Dr John Hammond, Dr Alan Grant, Owen Grady, and more to life.

Whether you're aiming to embody the adventurous spirit of Dr Ellie Sattler, the daring charisma of Claire Dearing or the cowardice of Dennis Nedry,, our Jurassic Park costume ideas offer a range of options for every Jurassic enthusiast.

Prepare to transform your event into a dino-mania extravaganza as you step into the roles of these memorable characters, ensuring your prehistoric party is nothing short of legendary!

Unleash dino fun with our Jurassic Park keeper costumes

Our Jurassic keeper outfits are perfect for dress up parties, themed- events and as Halloween costumes. Inspired by the thrilling Jurassic World movies, these costumes allow you to transform into a dinosaur keeper and embark on a family costume adventure.

From strolling among lifelike dinosaurs to creating your own Jurassic World costume narrative, these ensembles capture the essence of dino-mania. Dive into the world of dinosaurs with your loved ones, ensuring a roar-some experience that will make your family the highlight of any event. Let the Jurassic Park magic come alive as you become the keepers of prehistoric fun!

Rule the Jurassic World in a dinosaur costume

Prepare to rule the Jurassic World with unparalleled majesty in our dinosaur costumes, featuring the ferocious Velociraptor and mighty T-Rex ensembles. Whether you choose the intricate Velociraptor costume for detailed realism or opt for the iconic T-Rex costumes to unleash primal power, these outfits are perfect for dominating any event.

Channel the awe-inspiring presence of these prehistoric creatures and become the ruler of the Jurassic World. Let your imagination run wild as you stomp into the spotlight with our T-Rex and Velociraptor costumes, ensuring an unforgettable and dino-tastic experience for all.

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