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Get your favourite movie, music and TV character costumes at Blossom Costumes

When you’re invited to an open themed costume party, the hardest part is deciding who your secret alter ego is. At Blossom Costumes, we spoil you with loads of movie, TV, and music star character costumes. So, settle in for a bit and let us show you our most popular choices.

Blossom Costumes has a super-fun range of character costumes for men, women and kids. We’ve also got a range of masks, wigs and movie makeup, and accessories for you to complete your outfits all in one place.

Our movie, TV, and music costumes cover celebrities such as Madonna, Hugh Hefner, Jessica Rabbit and Baywatch, Beetlejuice, Despicable Me, Ghostbusters, Grease, Harry Potter, KISS, Sesame Street, Star Trek, Star Wars and other TV & movie characters such as Where’s Wally, Ali G, Semi-Pro Jackie Moon and Princess Fiona from Shrek.

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