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All Star cheerleading outfits

Cheerleader costumes that will give you something to cheer about

Go team! The cheerleader is as American as apple pie. For decades, all across the USA, young women have been putting on their cheer leading outfits and picking up their pom poms to cheer on athletes in a variety of sports. For Australians, we stock heaps of different cheerleader outfits that you`ll love.

What makes a great cheerleader costume?

There are certain recognisable features that a women`s cheerleader costume simply needs to have: pom poms, a cute skirt (usually pleated) and a matching top are all very important.

The pom poms need to be big and bouncy, to get the attention of spectators sitting far away. For the outfit itself, it needs to allow for maximum movement, facilitating all of the exciting moves and flips that cheerleaders are so well known for.

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