Funny Gumby Costumes for Nostalgic TV Themed Dress-Up Parties

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Get Your Gumby on with Blossom’s Officially Licensed Adult Gumby Costumes

Dress as Gumby and his friends and revive the glorious past

Ready for a trip down memory lane? Why not dress up as everyone’s favourite clay animation character? Our Gumby outfits are definite attention getters!

People of a certain age have only the fondest memories of Art Clokey’s Gumby, one of the greatest stop motion tv shows of all time. Who can forget that theme song?

Voiced by Ruth Eggleston and Dallas McKennon, Gumby captured hearts and minds for generations. At one stage they were selling Gumby Shorts! (Ahh, this copywriter misses his youth. By the way, Gumby episodes are on YouTube, if you’re interested).

Want to dress up in a Gumby costume as the man himself? This oddly shaped, humanoid green guy comes in costume form as an adult bodysuit with easy to use Velcro closure.

Don’t forget Pokey either! Gumby’s clay stallion friend is just as fun and makes a classic retro look, perfect for TV or cartoon character themed parties.

Whichever of our Gumby and Pokey costumes you pick, Blossom provides:

  • Costumes of a high standard
  • Many different sizing options
  • Licensed official costumes

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