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Little Red Riding Hood costumes for everybody

From the big bad wolf to semi-digested grandmother, all the Little Red Riding Hood characters are here

There are so many excellent Little Red Riding Hood costumes to choose from: Little Red Riding Hood, Granny, Wolf costumes, and more. Why, who could forget the brave huntsman who saves the day? And the other terrific, more abstract costume ideas, like dressing up like a tree in the deep dark woods?

No matter which Little Red Riding Hood costume you settle on, we've got you covered. With a massive variety of different styles, there's sure to be something for everybody.

Little Red Riding Hood costumes for toddlers, kids and adults 

We stock a terrifically large assortment of Little Red Riding Hood costumes. Whether you're an adult, a child, a teenager, a baby, or some fifth option that has no name, we probably have a costume that will fit you and look absolutely spectacular.

What makes Little Red Riding Hood so popular?

The Little Red Riding Hood fairytale is as old as time, and it remains popular generation after generation. Why is that? Why do some fairytales go away and never get spoken about (like Shockheaded Peter, the fairytale about the little boy who is put away and never gets spoken about), while Little Red Riding hood endures?

Some people think that it's because the tale universally speaks to the human condition, and that it is a compelling allegory for the dangers and satisfactions of puberty. But us? We reckon it's the hood. Who wouldn't want a red hood? Now that is fashion.

What a big collection of fairytale costumes you have, my dear!

It's not just Little Red Riding Hood. We've also got costumes for stories like Aladdin, Cinderella, and Frozen. No matter what story or fairytale you prefer, we've almost certainly got the costumes to match.

Our Little Red Riding Hood costumes are:

  • The finest quality Little Red Riding Hood costumes in Australia
  • Delivered faster than a child ambling through a deep dark wood
  • Ready for secure payment online. What you see is what you get (unlike those awful situations in which your grandmother turns out to be a wild animal!)

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