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Give your teen the gift they want

Teenagers. They can be one of the hardest groups to buy for. They are always up to date with the latest trends and technologies and no gift ever seems to faze them unless it's something truly out of the box.

Whether it's your son, daughter, niece, or nephew we've got the best novelty gifts for teenagers that will make even the pickiest go "that's lit!".

From pop culture to movie references and classic novelty items, we've got your pick, you've just got to do the choosing.

Relieve their angst

Teens have a lot to deal with. This can make them a pretty grumpy bunch. Help them relieve their stress with a gift that will make all their problems fade into the background with the World's Smallest Fishing Game. It's "reely" good fun! And unlike actual fishing, they're guaranteed to catch something!

Work or school pressure building up? Help them let their frustrations out in a healthy way with a

Laughter is always the best medicine. With our range of quirky novelty gifts, your teen will be bursting at the seams with some of our hilariously funny gifts that you can't find anywhere else! Get the giggle fits happening with the Smiling Poo Solar Dancer. Dances when exposed to sunlight - perfect for their study desk!

The latest pop culture

Know a teen who loves their movies? Make their day with a Darth Vader Star Wars Candy Bowl Holder. The ultimate anti-hero, Darth's force will always be with them.. providing snacks.

90's nostalgia is upon us. And even though today's teens weren't even born then, it doesn't stop them from obsessing over the things we once found dear. Including the iconic Lava Lamp. Your teen will love this Deluxe Motion Lamp With Bluetooth. A lava lamp that plays their favourite music.

For the gadget lover

Teens and parties go hand in hand. Next time they decide to throw a house party when you're away, make sure they have something to make it worthwhile. This Disco Ball Wireless Bluetooth Speaker projects colourful lights - turning any room into a dance floor.

Keep your teen entertained with their own robot! What's more, they can even build it themselves! The DIY Build Your Own Robot will teach them how to build their own circuit board and give them a robot that moves whenever they clap or make a sound!

Teens love keeping in touch with friends. Let them swap their phones for a walkie talkie, instead! Not just any old walkie talkies, these are the World's Smallest Walkie Talkies! Small enough to be easily hidden in school bags!

Got a teen who's hard to buy for? Blossom Costumes always has you sorted! What's more, when you buy a novelty gift from us you are guaranteed same day or next business shipping - ensuring you get your teen's gift in time.

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