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October 31 is Halloween, the day of the dead. Also known as Hallows Eve, it’s the one night of the year when all the monsters come out to have some fun. Whether you're planning a night out, a party at home, or trick-or-treating with the youngsters, you need the perfect Halloween costume to make your night complete. Halloween is about so much more than just jack o' lanterns.

We have a huge range of Halloween costumes online, and we're constantly expanding our catalogue. Looking for a costume that's scary, funny, or a character from your favourite movie? At Blossom, we have everything you need to ensure your costume is the best in the history of Halloween! Dress up as Dorothy or The Tin Man with our range of Wizard of Oz costumes, or a princess costume from a classic Disney movie. From fearsome pirates to Kiss costumes, we have it all.

Adult scary Halloween costumes

Halloween night is the one night when you can scare people with abandon — so why not go all-out and get the most terrifying costume ever? We've got a huge range of scary adult Halloween costumes which will give even the toughest person goosebumps.

Dress up as Dracula, complete with bloody fangs and contact lenses, or don the mask from Scream to cash in on an original. And while we're talking about movie franchises, why not dress up as Chucky? Is there anything scarier than a broken, demonic doll?

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