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Transport back to the Middle Ages as a knight in shining armour

Immerse yourself in the splendour of the Middle Ages and transform into a gallant knight in shining armour. Our costume range pays homage to the knights who defended honour and justice with unwavering dedication.

Whether you seek to emulate the legendary Arthurian knights and Templars or create your own knightly persona, our costumes are meticulously crafted to transport you to a world of castles, jousting tournaments, and heroic quests. Get ready to wield your sword, don your armour, and embark on your own epic adventure.

A great kids costume

A Medieval knight costume is the perfect choice for kids because it ignites their imagination and transports them to a world of chivalry and noble quests. It's an opportunity for children to step into the shoes of valiant knights, fostering a love for history and storytelling.

This costume allows boys and girls to channel bravery, honour, and the spirit of adventure, making it ideal for costume parties, school events, or simply for imaginative play at home.

We stock women’s knight costumes

At Blossom Costumes, we proudly stock an enchanting array of women's knight costumes that allow the fairer sex to embrace the noble spirit of medieval chivalry. Our collection caters to women who seek to be both strong and elegant, offering a range of styles and designs inspired by knights and warriors of old.

Whether you envision yourself as a gallant protector of the realm or a fierce, battle-ready maiden, our costumes are designed with attention to detail and quality materials. With our costumes, women can step into the world of heroic quests, dragons and medieval adventures while looking both powerful and graceful.

Funny knight costumes

For your next party, if you're in the mood for laughter and lighthearted fun, explore our great collection of funny knight costumes. These whimsical ensembles offer a hilarious twist on the classic knight attire, perfect for adults looking to defend the realm with a side of humour.

Whether you want to be "knighted" with a comical twist or just aim to be the life of the party, our funny knight costumes are the perfect choice. So, gear up, embrace the silliness, and prepare to make your grand entrance at your next event with a dash of medieval mirth.

Complete your knight look with the right accessories

To truly embrace your knightly persona, don't forget to complete your look with the right accessories. Our collection includes essentials like a shining shield that adds an authentic touch to your dress as a noble knight.

These accessories not only enhance your appearance but also elevate your role-play experience, whether for costume parties, cosplay, or historical reenactments. With the right props, you can embody the valour and gallantry of a true medieval knight, making your ensemble truly exceptional.

Find your knight costume at Blossom Costumes

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