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Break the 4TH wall in your very own Deadpool costume!

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Getting a Deadpool costume doesn't require maximum effort!

Deadpool is one of the cheekiest characters from the Marvel Comics Universe. With plenty of smart quips and one-liners, it's a miracle his enemies don't die from laughter before he takes them out with one of his katana swords.

With a superhuman healing factor, Deadpool's body has the ability to regenerate from damage faster than any ordinary human being. His skills in hand-to-hand combat and bladed weapons make him a vicious adversary. So, get ready for action when you wear your own Deadpool costume!

You'll feel powerful in a fourth wall breaking Deadpool costume

Deadpool also has the unique ability to break the fourth wall. You'll never know when he'll turn to his audience to share a comedic insight into his life. If you dare to don a Deadpool costume, don't be afraid to bust out your best comedy material.

When did Deadpool get so cool?

Deadpool sure has come a long way. Back in the day, the character was virtually unknown outside of comic book communities. Now, after a successful portrayal by Ryan Reynolds (whom you may remember from the successful sitcom 'Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place') Deadpool is now renowned by non-comic book loving people across the world. His secret identity, Wade Wilson, isn't so secret anymore! In fact, the character is so beloved that there's even a demand for kids deadpool costumes, even though kids aren't legally allowed into cinemas to see the very adult-oriented film!

Order your very own Deadpool Halloween costume, and become the merc with the mouth at your next costume party. And if you're after something a little less meta? Try a costume from a different Marvel character, like Iron Man , Thor, or Spider Man.

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