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Catwoman costumes and props for Halloween and fancy dress parties

You’ll look purrfect in our sexy Catwoman costumes

Catwoman is the purrfect costume for your next event. Starting as a super-villain, a thief and an enemy of Batman, she later turned to crime-fighting and joined the Batman family as a superhero. But she’ll always keep her mischievous nature, and you will too with our Catwoman costumes.

Perhaps one of the greatest love/hate relationships of all comics is that of Catwoman and Batman. Batman believed Catwoman was a female version of himself; a dark creature that prowls the night. And a dynamic couple who dress in tight, one-piece outfits is purrfect for each other.

Get a bit sexy with a Catwoman costume

You’re catnip to a girl like me. Handsome, dazed, and to die for’.

When you’re invited to your next costume party, and you’re feeling a little bit like a naughty kitty, you simply must pop on a Catwoman mask and costume. Our range of sexy Catwoman costumes includes the classic look, with accessories including a gorgeous long brunette wig, or the vinyl cat woman mask. Looking to complete the aesthetic? Why not research some Catwoman makeup tutorials?

Ready to save the world?

Get the squad together with a collection of fantastic femme superhero suits

When you get together with your gal pals, nobody wants to accidentally wear the same thing. So, when attending your next superheroine party, co-ordinate to wear different super lady suits ahead of time. We have plenty of costumes to have your entire friendship group covered, with Wonder Woman,Batgirl,Captain Marvel, and more!

What makes Catwoman so purr-fect?

Who can say what's so especially fantastical about Catwoman? Is it the incredible portrayal of the character by Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises? No! People loved Catwoman long before that! Maybe it's something about that black cat looking, skin tight cat burglar look? Maybe!

Whatever it is about Catwoman, something about her stands out in the world of comic books. In all of the DC comics universe, Selina Kyle's Catwoman is adored. Except, of course, for those poor souls on the receiving end of her weapon of choice. If you can name a better feline thief than Catwoman, we're all cat ears.

Catwoman costumes for kids

We don't just sell Catwoman costumes for adults. We also sell a range of more youth appropriate Catwoman costume for kids. We believe that people of any age should be able to get their paws on a great Catwoman Halloween costume (or, indeed, a Catwoman costume for any occasion!).

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