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Enter the universe of books with Blossom. We have an amazing range of costume ideas for kids and adults to explore!

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Book Week is often the highlight of the school year for children. It's a week full of excitement, imaginations, and of course, amazing Book Week costumes. In a world full of technology, it's a fantastic way of capturing the attention of young minds, showing them how to explore the universe of books.

There is one rule, though – don't forget the dress-up day. It sucks to be the kid who shows up in school uniform when everyone else is in a dazzling costume. And before you panic about making a costume on your own, check out our range of girls and boys costumes for Book Week.

When is Book Week?

First things first, when is Book Week? The Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA) has announced Book Week 2021 will be August 21-27. Last year the dates were pushed back due to COVID, but this year everything should go smoothly!

Australian book characters for Book Week

Dress up as an animal from Possum Magic or the fox from Wombat Stew — all it would take is some ears and face paint, and perhaps a bushy tail. You could even bring your own pail to make your own gooey, chewy stew.

You don't need to restrict yourself to just books. Costumes can include favourite television characters, too. Kids can dress up as Aussie icon Bluey, and sister Bingo, while mum and dad can kit up as Bandit and Chilli. Alternately, if your child is obsessed with Emma Wiggle, check out our range of yellow and black skirts and bows.

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