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Check out the best Wonder Woman costumes Australia has to offer

Our Wonder Woman costumes for adults and kids

Wonder Woman is by far, the sexiest, most famous heroine of all time. She is the total package: beauty, brains and brawn. As an inspiration to ladies throughout the generations, Wonder Woman is an independent woman, a real princess and a superhero. Attired in her red boots, she's the most impressive female superhero in the entire DC comics universe. No offense, Cat Woman , but who wouldn't want a Wonder Woman dress up kit?

In true feminine style, she has amazing gadgets that double as fashion accessories: her lasso of truth, her golden belt and her bracelets, each symbolising power and virtue. For those looking for an adult Wonder Woman costume, it's possible to put together a very sexy Wonder Woman costume indeed! Wonder Woman is truly one of a kind and the number one heroine.

Grab a the greatest costume for gals

There used to be a Wonder Woman TV series, and that was pretty great, Gal Gadot has made Wonder Woman more famous than ever with a new series of films. Now, she might be the most famous gal ever to put on the wonderous leotard of strength and beauty, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a go, gals! All the gals across Australia - both those named 'Gal' and those who are girls - should have access to these wonderful Wonder Woman looks. And if, for whatever reason, a gal out there doesn't like Wonder Woman, then never fear. We also stock other terrific DC comic gal costumes, like Bat Girl .

With the the biggest range of Wonder Woman costumes in Australia here at Blossom, all you need to do is grab your superhero heels and head out to party. You can choose from casual T-Shirts with capes, tutu skirts, corsets, to full Wonder Woman outfits (some sexier than others). And for those in the market for a more appropriate Wonder Woman costume for kids? We also have a Wonder Woman Girl’s costume for the younger superheroines.

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