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Werewolf Halloween costume ideas worth howling about

Sink your claws into a new Werewolf costume this Halloween

If you're thinking about transforming into a Werewolf this Halloween, don't wait for a full moon. We've got an awesome range of Werewolf Halloween costumes that can be shipped straight to your door. And you won't go barking mad waiting for weeks for it to arrive either. Same-day shipping is available.

For the nostalgic Werewolf fanatics, there's the iconic teen wolf 1980s movie costume. If you're more concerned with scaring your friends, consider this grey lycan werewolf costume or the blood moon brown Werewolf costume.

If the rest of your outfit is already taken care of, there's some ghastly looking Werewolf masks available. Trick or treat with this ani-motion Werewolf mask and your neighbours will scream in horror at the very sight of you. I that doesn't do the trick, this lunar psycho Werewolf mask will.

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