Fantastical Costumes for Fairies and Elves

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Create some magic with Blossom Costumes!

Discover an enchanted world in your fairy costume

Have you ever thought about how many great fairies there are? You’ve got the Fairy Godmother, Tinkerbell, the Sugar Plum Fairy and the Tooth Fairy to name a few. And kids love them. How many of you have made a Fairy garden at home?

Encourage your child’s love of the magical fairyland, by getting their very own kids fairy costume.

Ladies love the slightly cheeky Tinkerbell fairy costumes, the bright pink Sugar Plum Fairy costume and beautiful butterfly costumes that allow them to flutter around the room in vibrant colours.

And where there are fairies, there’s always elves. Get in the spirit for your next Christmas party in one of our super fun elf costumes.

Gents, we know fairies and elves aren’t your things, so how about being a garden gnome? There not quite as cute as fairies, but who doesn’t love a gnome?

Women's fairy costumes and fairy costumes for kids

We stock an assortment of fairy costumes, mostly popular with women and girls. Additionally, we stock pixie costumes, which are similar to fairy costumes, but true mythical aficionados will be able to tell the difference! These are the perfect cute costumes for fancy dress parties. Alternately, they're exactly the right costumes for your production of A Midsummer Night's Dream (easily the best fairy-related play by the Bard, if you ask us.) Plus, you can add a variety of different accessories to build your costume into something really special. Wings, wands, and many other wonderful things await you in our fantastical fairy costume and accessory ranges.

Are fairies just 'not your thing'? That's perfectly fine. We also stock costumes for many other fairytale and storybook characters, like Alice in Wonderland characters and Disney characters. No matter the costume you choose, we can get them to you promptly and directly. There's something distinctly magical about our delivery service.

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