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You’ll feel super in our Superman and Supergirl costumes

Did you know that one of our all-time favourite superheroes, Superman, was created by two high school students from Ohio? Cool hey? They sold Superman to DC Comics in 1938, and he debuted on his first cover in June that year.

During the day, the Man of Steel is Clark Kent, a journalist for the Daily Planet in Metropolis. Then he puts on his Superman costume, and everything changes. Like all superheroes, he has a gorgeous love interest, Lois Lane, and an archenemy, Lex Luthor. When he’s not fighting crime by himself, he teams up with this Justice League crew to fight evil.

Get Superman’s distinctive and iconic look with our range of Superman and Supergirl costumes for kids and adults. Puff out your chest, throw your shoulders back, pump up your arms and place your fists on your hips to perfect the Superman stance in your superman costume. Need a little muscle help? We have special costumes with extra padding to make you look extra buff. Supergirls can join in the fun with our traditional Supergirl Deluxe women’s costume, or be someone’s kryptonite with our Justice League Supergirl Corset women’s costume. Blossom also stock a large range of kid’s Superman costumes that are completely adorable.

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