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Grab some fangs and a vampire costume for your next Halloween party

Bring out your inner blood-sucking bat with our Vampire costumes for your next fancy dress party. Count Dracula was the chief of vampires - the master vampire. He was as strong as twenty men, more cunning than mortal, and used his supernatural abilities to control storms and animals.

Become a creature of the night with our vampire costumes and gather your blood-thirsty buddies for a Halloween party. Grab your vampire costumes at Blossom Costumes. We've got you covered whether you’re going for the medieval, gothic, sexy or cool vampire look.

Find your adult vampire Halloween costume at Blossom Costumes

Men and Women’s Vampire Costumes

For the men, you can look dapper in our traditional Dracula costume, complete with fake vampire fangs, fake blood and a black cape. Women can get the sexy vampire look with our midnight vampiress women’s costume or Countess Noctura vampire costume. We also have many vampire costume options for the kids, plus accessories like fake blood and vampire fangs to complete the look.

Add accessories like vampire fangs to complete your costume

No Halloween costume is complete without the right accessories, and that's especially true for vampires. A few well-chosen accessories can make all the difference for a traditional look or something more modern. Here are some ideas to get you started:

For a classic vampire costume look, add a pair of fake fangs. These days, there are all sorts of options available, from simple plastic fangs to more realistic-looking ones that fit over your own teeth. Don't forget the red contact lenses! All of the best vampire costumes will give you that eerie, blood-red gaze.

If you want a more undead look, consider adding fake blood to your mouth. You can also use it to create gruesome wounds on your hands or arms. Just be sure to test the blood on a small area of your skin first, as some people can have allergic reactions to it. Find the best vampire costumes when you shop with Blossom Costumes.

And no vampire costume is complete without a cape! Whether you choose a traditional black cloak or something more flashy, make sure it's long enough to billow dramatically when you walk. With these accessories, you'll be ready to take on Halloween night - whether trick-or-treating or attending a costume party.

Our Dracula vampire costumes are:

  • Made of high-quality materials that blood will wipe right off
  • Available for men, women and kids who love a twisted spin on an old classic
  • Shipped faster than Dracula sucks your blood
  • Easily exchanged if your costume isn’t quite right

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