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Defeat the dark side at your next fancy dress party with a Star Wars costume

Become a Jedi or even go to the dark side in our Star Wars outfits

Star Wars sure has come a long way in just a few decades. What started out as a series of feverish sketches depicting space wizards and glowing swords in George Lucas's notebook has blossomed into an incredible, multi-billion dollar franchise.

Find the perfect selection of Star Wars costumes for Halloween, parties or practically any event

The Star Wars universe has inspired countless games, action figures, stories, three fantastic movies, and several other movies also. But it has also resulted in hundreds of great Star Wars costumes — the coolest thing to wear at Halloween, a themed party or opening of the latest Star Wars release. Luke, Leia, and Han Solo costumes are just the beginning. Read on to find out more about the best Star Wars costumes in Australia.

Star Wars costumes for adults

From Jedi costumes to Jabba the Hutt costumes, we've got a vast range of Star Wars costumes for adults. Whether you need costumes for men or women, we can help you with all kinds of Jedi robes. When you need a comprehensive range of quality costumes, at an affordable price, Blossom Costumes is your only hope.

Star Wars costumes for kids

We stock hundreds of Star Wars costumes, in shapes and sizes that will fit the whole family. Maybe your child wants to dress up like one of the classic Star Wars characters — like Luke, Obi Wan, or Darth Vader. Alternately, they might want to dress up like one of the new characters — like Rey, elderly Leia, or characters from The Mandalorian. Whatever their hearts desire, we have the costumes to match.

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