Give them the giggles with these unique novelty gifts for friends

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Know someone who could do with a good laugh?

Looking for gifts for friends? We have something to tickle every kind of funny bone at Blossom Costumes. Whether your friend is into dressing up, drinking games, dogs, doodoo or just about anything else — they'll die laughing with a unique gift from our extensive range of funny gifts for friends.

And you can rest assured our gifts won't break after one use. No dodgy, bargain-basement gifts here! All our products are manufactured with the highest quality assurance so you'll keep the laughs coming till they wet themselves... That was what you were after, right?

Spice things up

Spice up your friend's life with our range of ridiculously cute, crude and just plain rude salt and pepper shakers! Save your smashed avo-obsessed friends the expense of eating out by gifting them the Avocado Salt and Pepper Set. This cute ceramic design features two halves of an avocado that fit together to make one delicious and very Instagram-able avo.

Got a potty-mouthed bestie? The Koolface Poo and Toilet Paper Salt & Pepper Set is just the thing for mates who are into toilet humour. Can't you just hear them asking, "Pass the poo would you, darling?".

Boobs are obviously the answer to all of life's problems and this Boobs Salt & Pepper Set are sure to perk up any boring meal. Comes in a handy little red corset tray to keep those puppies in place!

Make it Pop

Add a pop of colour and brighten the lives of the one's you love with a bright and colourful Lava Lamp! Lava lamps make a terrifically good gift for friends of all ages — oldies will relive the heady days of the 60s (or possibly suffer a few flashbacks) while younger friends will delight in the hypnotic flow of their new lava lamp. Good times all 'round!

From the Deluxe Rainbow Motion Lava Lamp Speaker to the classic rocket-shaped Metallic Magma Motion Lamp, you'll lava these lamps (see what I did there?).

Think your friend prefers a different kind of pop? Blow off those other ideas and get your friend something from our fantastic range of flatulence-related gifts for all the butt-burping, cheek flappers in your life.

The Pocket Fart Novelty Gun provides all the laughs with none of the odour! Prefer the classics? Look no further than the Whoopee Cushion or go one better and get your friend a noise-making Whoopee Cushion Costume! Available in Men's or Children's sizes and perfect for that person who loves to be the centre of attention.

Got something to celebrate?

Check out our range of quirky, funny and downright naughty novelty gifts, perfect for helping celebrate any occasion. Our Disco Ball Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is sure to get your friend in the mood to party on, while our Wine Pearls will ensure there's nothing watered down about the celebration.

And to keep tabs on just how hard you're celebrating who could go past the Drinktionary Beer Stein? Detailed descriptions on the glass trace your journey from Sober to Silly.

Left it to the last minute? Don't stress. Blossom Costumes offer Free Express Shipping on all orders over $69. So come on, get weird and show your friends you care with the best range of novelty gifts for friends, anywhere!

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