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Check out these cheeky bottle openers for champs

Have you had an absolute gutful of vanilla bottle openers? Life is short and yet people persist in purchasing bland chrome bottle openers. What gives? It's time the people opened their bottles with humour, levity, grace! Life is short, opening a beer bottle in style is forever.

Fortunately, Blossom Costumes stocks an astonishing range of funny and interesting bottle openers to bring a bit of excitement to the world. We believe there is no beverage that cannot be improved by being opened with something ridiculous. Read on to learn more about our impressive range.

Show off your silly side

Most people have straitlaced bottle openers. Good for them. But us? We'd rather beer make you chuckle just from being opened, before you've even had a sip. If you're through with opening bottles like a nerd, why not try some of these quirky bottle openers?

  • Happy Man bottle opener: a happy red man popped onto your beer will give you a giggle
  • bottle opener: made from a .50 calibre bullet, this one will spark a conversation
  • Beer hammer bottle opener: a hammer that opens beer. Hell yeah
  • Magnetic basketball beer opener: shoot some hoops while you crack open a cold one
  • Beer opener ring: a normal steel ring for men that doubles a bottle opener. MacGyver eat your heart out!
  • Screw You beer opener: this one's for those days that really get your goat

A good bottle opener is hard to find

At Blossom Costumes, we only stock bottle openers that are:

  • High-quality and made to last
  • Affordable so you won't break the bank getting one
  • Delivered speedily so you can
  • Available for secure online purchase because being the victim of a financial crime is a real downer

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