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Rule the high seas and find your fortune in our Viking costumes

Step way back in time to around to the 11th Century to embrace the era of the Vikings. It was a time when Scandinavians left their home to seek fortunes abroad. They raided coastal sites and left their mark as pirates, raiders, traders and settlers on the British and European continents. Bring out your inner Viking with our authentic and sexy Viking costumes.

Transform into a fierce warrior in our women’s Viking outfits

Unleash your inner warrior with our women's Viking outfits, perfect for a Viking-themed party or Halloween. These costumes provide a striking look and connect you with the rich history of the Viking Age in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

Dress in authentic Viking attire that pays homage to these fierce explorers and warriors. Whether you're aiming to make a historical statement or simply looking for a bold and empowering look, our Viking costumes offer an opportunity to delve into a chapter of history while making a lasting impression at any event. So, gear up and prepare to conquer the world in style as a true Viking woman.

Step back into the Middle Ages with a man’s Viking costume

Step back in time and embrace the rugged spirit of the Middle Ages with our men's Viking costumes. Whether you want to embody the power and presence of a Norse god or simply enjoy a fun and adventurous look, our Viking costumes for adults are the perfect choice.

With attention to detail and a wide variety of options in stock, you can transform yourself into a formidable Viking warrior, complete with a distinctive Viking helmet and iconic horns. These costumes offer a chance to wear history, making you the life of the party at any event.

Take your costume to the next level with our Viking accessories

Elevate your Viking outfit to legendary heights with our collection of Viking accessories. From epic horned helmets that capture the essence of Viking lore to rugged Viking shoes that ensure you're ready to conquer new lands, these accessories add the perfect finishing touches to your character.

Our Viking costumes are:
  • • Made of high-quality materials that will withstand you travelling across the seas and plundering lands.
  • • Perfect as Halloween costumes or during Book Week.
  • • Available for barbaric men, women, and kids who love sailing the seas.
  • • Shipped a gazillion times faster than a trip across the ocean in a wooden boat.
  • • Available for safe and secure online purchases that Vikings won’t plunder.
  • • Easily exchanged if your costume isn’t quite right.

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