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Pose as the saviour himself with our bible costumes

Religious costumes for adults and children

When you’re looking for something a little different for your next costume party, why not consider a biblical or religious costume from Blossom Costumes? Our bible costumes are perfect for theatre productions, end-of-year school functions and Christmas nativity scenes. Our costume options include nuns, priests, shepherds, the three wise men, angels, mary costumes, the pope, Jesus and God himself.

From saintly to sinner

Blossom Costumes offers a captivating selection of sexy biblical costumes that reimagines iconic figures in a daring and alluring light. From sultry interpretations of nuns to bold portrayals of Jesus and seductive takes on Adam and Eve, these costumes provide a unique blend of tradition and temptation.

Jesus costumes for a miraculous touch

We offer a selection of Jesus costumes designed to add a touch of whimsy and fun to your costume experience. While traditionally associated with religious significance, these costumes are a lighthearted way to embrace the iconic image of Jesus for entertainment purposes.

Whether you're participating in a theatrical performance, attending a themed party, or simply looking to inject some humor into your event, our Jesus costumes provide an opportunity to create a memorable and light-hearted atmosphere.

Take your outfit to the next level with biblical accessories

Elevate your outfit to a divine level with the addition of biblical accessories. Perfect for costume parties and events, these religious accessories can bring your character to life. Whether you're donning the attire of a biblical character or just seeking to make a striking entrance, the right accessories are key.

From the crowns of thorns to biblical-style sandals, these details can transport you to a different time and place, creating a memorable and immersive experience for both you and your fellow partygoers. So, whether it's a pair of historically inspired shoes or any other religious accessory, let your costume truly shine with the perfect finishing touches.

Our religious and biblical costumes are:

  • • Made of high-quality, miraculous materials that feel like heaven to wear.
  • • Available for men, women and kids so that everyone can get into the spirit.
  • • Set at an affordable price so everyone can enjoy.
  • • Shipped faster than water turns into wine.
  • • Available for sale online site purchase, that puts the security on Noah’s Ark to shame.
  • • Easily exchanged if your costume isn’t quite right.

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