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Step back into the glitz and glamour of the Roaring Twenties with our collection of 1920s flapper girl costumes. Whether you're planning a vintage-themed party, attending a Gatsby-inspired soirée, or simply looking to relive the elegance of that bygone era, our huge range of flapper dresses, accessories, and feathered headbands will transport you to a world of flirty fringe, Art Deco charm, and unrestrained fun.

Dive into the allure of the Jazz Age and make a statement with our stunning flapper ensembles that capture the spirit and style of the 1920s. Get ready to Charleston the night away and be the epitome of vintage chic with a decade-fit from Blossom Costumes.

Travel back in time to the roaring 20s

Fun flapper character ideas

Dressing as a flapper girl in a stunning flapper dress is the ultimate 1920s costume idea. It embodies the Roaring Twenties' spirit of extravagance and liberation, making it perfect for any occasion. These outfits capture the era's unique blend of elegance and rebellion, ensuring you stand out in style and relive the glamour of the Jazz Age.

Great Gatsby costumes

Great Gatsby costumes are all about embracing the opulence and elegance of the Roaring Twenties. For couples, you can channel your inner Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan and transport yourself to the extravagant world of the 1920s.

Whether for a Gatsby party or you want a 1920s look for Halloween, these costumes let you step into the shoes of iconic characters from F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel. With the right Gatsby costume, you'll be ready to dazzle with a flapper costume with all the era's glitz and glamour.

1920s gangster costumes

What better way to embrace the edgy charm of the Roaring Twenties than with a gangster look. For couples, these vintage-inspired ensembles capture the era's essence with gangster suits and gun holsters for the men and flapper dresses and pearls for the women.

Perfect for themed parties or any event celebrating the 1920s, these costumes let you and your partner embody the gritty yet stylish world of prohibition-era mobsters. Dressing up as a gangster couple is a surefire way to make a bold and memorable statement at any event.

Complete 1920s costumes with some accessories

Completing your 1920s costume with the right accessories is the key to achieving an authentic and dazzling look. Begin by adding stockings with a touch of sparkle to your outfit, capturing the essence of the era's flapper style. Don't forget the tassels, whether they adorn your dress or accessories, as they are synonymous with the playful and vivacious spirit of the 1920s.

A pair of elegant gloves and dancing shoes will ensure you're ready to hit the floor with finesse, replicating the grace and charm of the era's dance floors. A cigarette holder can be the perfect finishing touch for an extra touch of sophistication.

We carry plus-size flapper dresses

Blossom Costumes offers plus-size flapper dresses, ensuring everyone can confidently relish the Roaring Twenties' elegance. Our dresses capture the era's charm and empower individuals of all sizes to make a stunning statement at Great Gatsby theme events and costume parties.

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